If you’re in the process of planning a wedding right now, this blog is especially for you. The past year and a half has put the wedding industry through the wringer and now that events are back (they are back, right?), vendors are adapting to what it means to execute weddings in a post-Covid world. […]

Today we’re sharing part two of our Wedding Venue series covering all you need to know about those contracts and the fine print! (Especially after 2020, we could all use some tips here, right?) Did you miss out on part one? Hop over here to read everything about how to find your perfect wedding venue, […]

The reception venue is the pillar of your big day and is often the starting point of the planning process. The venue affects budget, design and sometimes even other vendor selections. Too many times, I’ve seen dream venues become a nightmare because the right questions weren’t asked prior to laying down that big non-refundable chunk […]

Today, we are continuing our mini-series on Vetting Your Wedding Vendors! (If you missed the first installment, make sure you hop over here to learn everything you need to know about hiring and negotiating!) In our second deep dive, we’re talking about how to build a solid relationship with your wedding vendors and how to […]

They are your lifeline when planning the biggest event of your life and they can make or break it.   They are the most important relationship you will need to maintain throughout the wedding planning process (aside from your fiancé of course!).  We are talking about your wedding vendors! Today, we are launching our mini-series all […]