If you’re planning to host your wedding in New York State in 2021, you may be incredibly confused and anxious over how you should be incorporating the current wedding guidelines into your planning process. What exactly are they? Will they still be in effect by the time my big day rolls around? What is my […]

They are your lifeline when planning the biggest event of your life and they can make or break it.   They are the most important relationship you will need to maintain throughout the wedding planning process (aside from your fianc√© of course!).  We are talking about your wedding vendors! Today, we are launching our mini-series all […]

Today, we are so excited to be partnering with Erin Coles of The Metropolitan Players to bring you some invaluable insights & advice for keeping your wedding safe in this post-Covid-19 world! The Metropolitan Players are one of our favorite wedding entertainers! (They are even in our own Little Black Book!) We love the passion, […]