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Founder & Lead Planner

Amanda O'Callaghan

Planning a beautiful wedding is challenging. Planning a once-in-a-lifetime experience that also happens to be a beautiful wedding?  Bring it on!

I founded The Union Studio with my wonderful clients' sanity in mind. You deserve a wedding planning team that not only has a trained eye for beautiful design,  but who also has the knowledge, skills and expertise to navigate the most demanding and complicated locations in NYC and the beautiful state of New York. 

Together we will bring your inspiration to life with thoughtful design inspired by your love, wonderful vendors who are on your team, and details executed to perfection.


We respect our clients, employees, and our community's right to be exactly who they are 100% of the time. 

We honor basic human rights, privacy, beliefs, religion, ethnicity, gender, physical abilities, and their right to love whomever they please.



With the trust of our clients, vendor partners, and community, we can build a strong & credible reputation in the Wedding & Event Industry.


We run from imitation and toward new ideas. To boldly do what others are yet to have thought. With this mindset, we can truly be the tastemakers & trendsetters of our industry.



Complacency and comfort have no place here. A thirst to constantly improve, gather, and gain propels us forward. We will always enthusiastically ask ourselves "What's Next?"


We are thankful to be part of one of the most creative & ever evolving industry communities. Community over competition always.




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Melissa Firlit

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suzanne frazer birnbaum

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gillian todd

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