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Wedding Vendor Vetting 102 – They’re Hired, Now What?

Jan 19, 2021

Today, we are continuing our mini-series on Vetting Your Wedding Vendors! (If you missed the first installment, make sure you hop over here to learn everything you need to know about hiring and negotiating!)

In our second deep dive, we’re talking about how to build a solid relationship with your wedding vendors and how to keep everything organized throughout the process!

Communication is Always Key!

As with any relationship, communication is key. But when it comes to wedding planning, do it all in writing.

Whether you wanna believe it or not, you’ve got Wedding Brain.  You will make stuff up in your head.  You might not think you’re crazy…but you are.  I promise you are.  

How can you not be?!?!  Planning a wedding is ALOT! Document everything so you can reference back!

Keep Emails Consolidated

Email is the best way to communicate quickly and get everything in writing. But, be careful not to get yourself into an email mess that can leave everyone confused. 

Try to use ONE email chain for the duration of the relationship. This will help you to always know where to look when dealing with each wedding vendor.

Another favorite tip? Get in the habit of batching your emails each week! Adding questions to one email over the course of a week and then sending to your vendor will reduce the amount of back and forth. (Plus, trust us, your vendors will thank you!)

Be a United Front at Meetings. 

With weddings, it’s easy to run into a “too many cooks in the kitchen” situation. This turn can turn your wedding vendor meetings into wasted time hedging on decisions.

(Not to mention, it can get awkward trying to work through the preferences of family members while in front of your vendors.)

Whomever you’ve identified as your planning team, have a pre-meeting discussion about what you will be addressing at your appointment. Many wedding vendors charge by time or by meeting.  Make the most of that time and come with decisions already made between the planning team. 

Remember, You Hired Them for a Reason. 

You hired your vendors because they are professionals!  If you are unsure about how to approach a situation, ask their advice and trust it. 

More than likely, they’ve seen it all before and can help give you insight on how to best navigate any scenario you’re worrying about! And believe us when we say, we want you to ask us! When we get to have input, it helps ensure that the event runs smoothly.

Get your monies worth and trust your wedding vendors.

Hiring & Organizing Your Wedding Vendors
Photo Credit | Jennifer Larson Photography

In the end…it’s YOUR wedding:

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember this.

Be firm and clear with your wants and opinions.  When you feel strongly about something, make your desires known. 

We can admit, wedding vendors can get sometimes tunnel vision and rely on their own formula for how they prefer weddings to flow. But weddings are a reflection of the couple and you have creative license to flip the script and make your event your own!

Your vendor team should bring insight and expertise to the table, but they also are responsible for helping guide you through the process to make your wedding day true to your love story.

When you can find that right groove between professional respect and “let’s be friends after this” with your team it will push your planning experience and your wedding day over the top!

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