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So like, What’s Going on With Weddings Right Now?

Oct 6, 2021

If you’re in the process of planning a wedding right now, this blog is especially for you. The past year and a half has put the wedding industry through the wringer and now that events are back (they are back, right?), vendors are adapting to what it means to execute weddings in a post-Covid world.

Today, we’re going to be talking about common issues you might encounter now, what vendors are dealing with inside the industry, and the a few tips you can keep in your back to make your planning process as smooth as possible.

Let’s Talk About It.

First let’s talk about common frustrations you might be experiencing at the moment. Why start here? Well, we want you to know, it’s not just you and you’re not alone in this.

Lack of availability, delays in communication with vendors, and even delays in the supply chain (causing delayed or cancelled orders for products) are all understandable sources of frustration. Planning a wedding is already tough enough, but add these things on, and we couldn’t blame you for having an urge to pull your hair out.

This might be a rescheduled event for you, or maybe you got engaged recently and are tiptoeing into the process just now. Either way, expect the planning process to go differently than you imagined. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but keep an open mind and a flexible timeline and you’ll be much more at ease, we promise!

The Vendor’s Perspective.

Okay, here’s the real inside scoop. For over a year, the wedding industry basically shut down. Vendors went from full calendars and healthy margins to next-to-nothing. Many of us struggled to stay afloat and far too many talented creatives didn’t come out of the pandemic with their business in-tact.

NOW, imagine all of that and then add on the Mass Wedding Boom that is happening right now. As states opened up and events were allowed again, EVERYONE wanted to start celebrating everything they’d missed during lock down.

People flooded our inboxes and calendars, booking up dates and ready to plan those events right away. Many vendors are tiny operations with small teams! It’s like trying to do 12 months of work in the span of just a few weeks! (And that doesn’t even take into the account the shaky ground and guidelines we are still dealing with in regards to event safety!)

So, as we work through a huge influx of inquiries and bookings, our response times may lag a bit, our calendar’s may book up, and some may not be able to complete tasks on the timeline you imagined. But rest assured, we’re working hard to make your vision come to life! That is, after all, our number one priority!

So, What Can You Do?

We always like to include practical insights to keep our clients sane and reassured during the process and this is no exception! How can you best navigate this process with your sanity intact? Here’s where to start:

  • Start early, Expect Delays. Whatever vendor or venue you’re looking for, begin your hunt to build your vendor team ASAP. We are encountering full calendars and disappointed couples when the photographer/venue/caterer they always wanted is not available! So don’t wait to send out those inquiries and set up appointments. Pay your deposits and sign those contracts on-time to ensure you are on the calendar! (*Same goes for any product orders you want to place! The supply chain is grinding back into motion after mass lockdowns, order early to get what you’re wanting!)
  • Manage Your Expectations. Like we mentioned above, it’s going to be a different process than you imagined. Does that mean bad? No! Just different. So expect that and do your best to roll with the punches. Find support in your fiancé, your wedding party, your family, and your vendors! We are literally allllllll on your team to make your wedding a beautiful event!
  • Remember what’s important. You already know what we’re going to say, don’t you? Well, we’re saying it anyways! As long as you end up married to the love of your life, everything else is just extra! We know it can feel like the details are crucial and not being able to get what you planned can feel like the end of the world (you know how much we love details and pretty things!). BUT your relationship and your love is the #1 priority. Keep that in mind and you can tackle anything the crazy world throws at you.

We’re by your side and have your best interests at heart. Trust your vendors to do their job and it’ll be an amazing day! Now, go forth, and plan!

*Want to know where to start on hiring your vendor team? Check out our Wedding Venue Series and Vendor Vetting Series! The perfect place to get you started!

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