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How to bring your dog to your wedding, The Union Studio, Photo by Kate Edwards Weddings

5 Awesome Tips for Pets at Weddings

Apr 17, 2020

Pets at weddings are about the cutest you can get. We love the sight of a precious pup walking down the aisle or even incorporated into newlywed photos!

Today we’re sharing our favorite tips & tricks for ensuring your pet is well taken care of on your wedding day!

Photo Credit | Kate Edwards Weddings

Consider how your pet handles stress.

First things first, if your plan on having your pets at your wedding, think about how they handle crowds, loud noises, and stressful situations. If your pet struggles with stress or fear, a wedding with lots of unknown people may be too much for them to handle.

If they are shy or easily stressed, consider including them in your portrait time where it’s just family instead of having them walk down the aisle.

Explore CBD products made specifically for dogs can help soothe them for a short period of time.

Plan to keep their “role” in your wedding brief to keep them comfortable and happy!

How to bring your dog to your wedding, The Union Studio, Photo by Kate Edwards Weddings
Photo Credit | Kate Edwards Weddings

Designate a human companion!

Here’s the truth, on your wedding day, you are going to be busy. You will not have time to walk your pet, ensure they have water/food/potty breaks, or snuggle them if they get freaked out.

Designate someone they are familiar with who can be their wedding day pal! A friend or family member can take them on a walk, dole out treats, and generally keep them calm and reassured.

Dog in Wedding Ceremony, The Union Studio, Photo by Kate Edwards Weddings
Photo Credit | Kate Edwards Weddings

Don’t keep them on-site all day.

If you are able to, plan to have someone take them off-site after their “job” is done! Your pup is going to be so much more comfortable at home or at least away from crowds and loud noises.

Plus, there really isn’t a need for them to be holed up in a kennel while everyone else is dancing the night away!

Wedding Bow Tie for Dogs, The Union Studio, Photo by Kate Edwards Weddings

Give them all the love and reassurance!

Our furry friends don’t understand what weddings are. They have no idea why all these people are around or where they’re going or why. They need your love and affection to feel reassured and calm.

Whenever you can, give out treats and “good boys!” (or “good girls!”) as often as you can.

A final word from Amanda

We absolutely love it when couples incorporate their pets into their special day. These tips will ensure your fur baby has the best experience too!



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