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partial planning experience


the initial rx session

It all starts here. The first RX session is designed for us to get to know each other and for The Union Studio to gather all pertinent information about what you've done already, haven't done, and what you want to do. This is also a time to review Pinterest boards, color palettes, likes and dislikes and wishes and dreams. We will collect, discuss and review and We’ll leave this session with all the tools we need to begin your planning process!

Wedding Design, Event Treatment, and Inspiration board

See example of our Event treatment and Inspiration board here

Aisle Planner is the essential tool we use to plan your wedding and keep in contact during this time. Within Aisle Planner we communicate, design your timeline, build your event design, maintain your floorplan and seating assignments and keep track of your vendors, their contracts and payment details. 

Full Aisle Planner Access & Account

Your partial planning wedding package includes total event design. We use the integral tools of the Event treatment and Inspiration board to help convey the vision to your vendors. The purpose of the treatment and inspiration board is to help potential and secured vendors understand not only the logistics but the look, flow and feel of your event. It’s a written narrative that not only contains precise logistical information that your vendors need to properly quote you, but also has your desired event flow and feel written out thoroughly and concisely.

personalized planning support

From the beginning of your relationship with The Union Studio until your wedding weekend, you have the option to meet monthly via video with your personal wedding planner, receive bi-weekly email updates and enjoy action item execution and management. You will feel entirely taken care of and represented with this planning support. Wedding planning is our fulltime job, not yours!

Additionally, The Union Studio will be able to recommend the perfect vendors to hire and will be the main point of communication for all those vendors – making sure due dates are met, payments are compliant and that the vendor team is fully informed. Items also managed are tasks such as your invite process and RSVP management, plans for favors and day of needs and timeline upkeep.

timeline design filterable for all vendors

With the first draft designed as soon as possible after our Client-Planner relationship begins and constantly updated throughout the planning process, The Union Studio designs the entire “master timeline” for your wedding weekend. Beginning with items such as “hotel check-in” on Thursday all the way through your post nuptial brunch on Sunday. As your planning team, The Union Studio will circulate and confirm your final timeline with all vendors and VIP’s.

example master timeline

example vendor timeline

floor plan design

Housed within Aisle Planner, your floorplan will be designed by The Union Studio, editable by you and best news ever – Your Guest List and seating assignments can be handled within this feature. Gone are the days of post-it’s on poster board!

here is an example of a floor plan 

Venue visits & vendor meetings

When at all possible and within reason, your personal planner will be with you for your venue walk throughs and vendor meetings. It’s so important to us that we be involved as much as possible. At times, we may be able to attend meetings in your stead if you have schedule conflicts.

the final rx session (6 weeks prior)

Our Final Planning meeting prior to jumping head first into Coordinating the final month of your engagement! We’ll use this time to review all plans, identify any final action items and you’ll leave feeling ready to enjoy this amazing time in life. This meeting is integral for The Union Studio to begin the “Month of” phase of your planning process.

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month-of coordination

After the Final RX Session, The Union Studio transitions into coordinating your “Month of”. The following are highlights of services performed during the Month of your wedding.

All vendor confirmations including fielding timeline feedback and editing
Attendance at final vendor meetings and calls (schedule allowing)
Bridal Party and VIP confirmation emails with timeline and expectations
Presence at and coordination of the ceremony rehearsal 
Coordination of Rehearsal Dinner or Welcome Party
Lead Day of Coordinator start to finish (12 hours max)
1 Day of Coordination Assistant for 8 hours (you have the option to hire an entire army if necessary)
Coordination of Post Nuptial Brunch
Coordination team will be equipped with radio headsets 
Access to our Day of Convenience kit - yes, it's really got anything you might need
on your wedding day!


day-of coordination

We do whatever it takes to make the day absolutely flawless. Responsibilities that are usually necessary for DOC include but are not limited to vendor check-in and orientation, first look management, décor set up, guest greeting and interaction. It is the day of coordinator’s responsibility to move the evening from major moment to major moment from start to finish including ceremony flow, toasts and speeches, first dance –all the way through to waving goodbye to the newlyweds. It is also the DOC’s responsibility to assist in all décor breakdown and the collection of belongings for the couple so that they may go enjoy their after party!

important to note

The possible scope of work involved with The Partial Planning Experience varies greatly with each individual wedding The Union Studio produces. Using our experience in the industry we’ve found the best and most fair way to price our services is with a base investment to cover our costs of providing you a service plus an additional percentage based price determined by the type of event that is being hosted.

The base investment for a partial planning package is $7500.00. The additional percentage based price is computed on the sum of all contract totals that The Union Studio coordinates during the planning process i.e the total budget of the event. Items that are NOT counted into the total budget are: The base investment of $7500.00, any religious related costs, fashion, legal, rings and website.

Depending on the needs and scope of your event, there may be a need to add some a la carte services to your package.

With the Partial planning experience, you will be in full control of your vendor sourcing experience, with our help and guidance of course! You will have exclusive access to our LBB of amazing vendors who we LOVE to work with including “RFP” templates to help you easily share your vision and your needs with you potential vendors.

The Union Studio’s Little Black Vendor book

percentage pricing structure

A 2% total budget fee applied to all hotel weddings or catering facilities where a venue coordinator is available during the planning process and on the day of.

A 3% total budget fee applied to all warehouse spaces, barns or similar where an existing structure, electricity and plumbing is already in place.

A 4% total budget fee for all ground up build outs and tented events even if hosted on a property that has access to minimal electricity. Any event requiring a permit application such as a TPA, building permit or liquor license application that The Union Studio is essential in obtaining ( i.e. if catering team is not assuming these responsibilities) is also subject to the 4% total budget fee.

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